You’re looking for a metal laser engraver, a CNC Engraver, a dot peen engraving machine, a co2 laser engraving machine, a stamp engraving machine, a laser engraving portable machine, or any other kind of engraver, there are benefits and drawbacks to all different types of engraving machines.

If you’re about to shop for an engraving machine, you should learn a bit about the best types of engraving for your business. Therefore, we’ve put together a guide of the 7 best types of powerful engraving machines for your biz, so you can make the best possible choice for yourself and your company.

We’ve been using engraving techniques for a very long time. Ever since humans invented language we’ve been using it to put our mark on objects. We’ve come a long way from the days of old, however. And our engraving abilities have experienced an evolution that would’ve made our ancestors’ jaws drop if they were around to witness it.

The engraving machines of today come in many varieties. So many, in fact, that it can be hard to choose a machine for your business. Excluding some of the DIY and manual engravers, they tend to be pretty expensive, so you need to get it right on the very first try.

1.Metal Laser Engraver

  • Low-maintenance
  • High precision
  • Can engrave a variety of metal materials
  • Flexible for industrial and commercial applications


Metal laser engraver: The most efficient way to help you engrave metal parts

If your company specializes in mostly metal parts, a metal laser engraver is probably the most useful type of engraver you can have. These machines are able to engrave your desired markings with stunning precision and efficiency. Many types of fiber laser engravers are able to engrave on various metal parts and plastics, giving you much-needed versatility. They can work for you in a variety of ways, from bonding, to ablation, etching, or laser engraving. This type of laser is the most powerful and versatile because it uses very advanced fiber pumping technology. Fiber-optic cables are bundled together and pumped with Ytterbium to increase their level of conductivity. Diodes that emit light are then pushed through these fibers all the way down to the optic head. There, the beam is expanded until it creates the desired type of marking on your material.

In the past, metal parts were deemed the hardest to engrave because our lasers weren’t  really up to snuff. Now, we can engrave metal parts with no problem. This is because we have developed our lasers to the point where they can be specifically fine-tuned to the perfect temperature for engraving.

Fiber Laser Engraver Applications

Fiber lasers are able to be used on all kinds of metal material, from brass to bronze, platinum, silver, stainless steel, gold, medical-grade alloys, carbide, aluminum, copper, and tungsten. For plastics, fiber lasers work best with certain types like PP, PVC, PE, and ABS.

If you’re in the market for a new metal laser engraver, follow are some machines advantages and disadvantages for your reference.


  • Able to mark and engrave metal with various different methods
  • Extremely precise
  • No need for maintenance thanks to air cooling systems
  • Do not require replacement parts very often
  • Does not use any harsh chemicals which makes it better for the environment
  • Great for materials that need to be exposed to high levels of heat over the course of their lifetimes.
  • Do not take up a lot of space, very small footprint


  • Bigger power models are expensive
  • Marking color depends on the material to be marked, not control by machine

If you want to know more about metal laser engraving machine details or prices, you could check HeatSign fiber laser marker machine page here.

2.CNC Metal Engraving Machine

  • Precision
  • Performance
  • Versatile
  • Long life

CNC metal engraving machine – a versatile way to engrave your metal parts

The CNC metal engraving machine is another excellent choice for any shop owner looking to engrave his or her metal parts. Not only are CNC machines able to engrave, they can also perform the duties of other common shop equipment like spindle moulders, panel saws, boring machines, and more. They can also cut tenons and mortises, and posses the ability to cut through foam, glass, steel, wood, aluminum, and composites.

CNC stands for “computer numerical control”, which means they are guided by a computer rather than a hand. This is pretty much the only way they differ from regular CNC milling machines. CNC metal engraving machines typically improve the productivity of any factory they are used in, and consistently produce high-quality engravings. A CNC machine will reduce both the time to market and the likelihood of errors during the engraving process.

CNC Engraving Machine / CNC Router main industrial applications
  • Advertising (acrylic cutting, numerical and alphabetical cutouts, etc.)
  • Architecture (facades and columns of buildings, etc.)
  • Creating prototypes and models
  • Plastics & composites marking
  • Non-ferrous metals and marine equipment
  • and so on

Here you can see some advantages and disadvantages of cnc engraving machine you may consider,


  • Able to work with various material
  • Improve productivity
  • No need for independent contractors


  • Not able to engrave by melting away material
  • Requires knowledge of CNC software
  • Engrave speed will be a little slow

Most CNC engraving machines can be found in the price range of $1,500- $6,000. They are able to be used for composites and plastic, architecture, advertising, marine equipment, non-ferrous metals, creating models, and creating prototypes. For more about this kind machine, you could click here to check more details.

3. Dot Peen Engraver

Dot Peen Engraver

Dot peen engraver – very efficient with a low run-time

  • Low cost
  • Simple to use
  • Low run-time

Purchasing a dot peen engraver is another good choice for your company. Dot peen engravers work by driving hardened pins made from carbine into your part surface at multiple hundreds of times each second. This creates indentations on your part surface that form any shape, figure, or pattern that you want. Dot peen markers like the ones from HeatSign are capable of working at up to 40mm/s. This extremely high-speed process creates a very low cycle time on your assembly line.

Dot Peen Engraving Machine Main Applications
  • Car or Truck chassis marking
  • VIN engraving
  • Direct Part Marking (DPM)
  • Data matrix coding
  • Programmable marking
  • Component identification & traceability
  • Serial numbering
  • Lot numbering
  • high speed marking and engraving on metal (Aluminum, steel, copper etc.)
  • Plate, tag, label and pipe marking
  • Logo marking
  • Cast and forge marking
  • Security number marking

Here are dot pin marking machine advantages and disadvantages you need to know,


  • Easy to use
  • High Speed Engraving
  • Industry durable design
  • Powerful software
  • Can be powered by compressed air, electricity, and more


  • Not able to be used with very hard metal materials
  • Some types require connect air compressor to use

Dot peen markers are easily programmed and even come in portable versions. They are one of the cheapest types of engraving machines and can typically be found for anywhere from $1,000 – $3,000. You could click and learn more about the dot peen marking machine here.

4. Manual Stamping Machine

Manual Stamping Machine
  • Very cheap
  • Easiest to use
  • Full manual control

Manual stamping engraving machine – perfect for small businesses and shops

For those of you who are just looking to get the bare minimum engraving ability for your business, a manual stamping engraving machine could be perfect. They are operated manually as the name suggests, and are far and away the cheapest engraver you’ll find. These are not for high-output factories or assembly lines. They work perfect for occasional or limited engraving and take up very little space. They can typically be found for around $100 – $500.

Manual Stamp Machine Main Applications

  • Wood, Aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel plates or tags engraving or marking
  • Small Metal Parts or Components English Letters, numbers and symbols marking


  • Perfect for small shops
  • Require no electricity, no compressed air, no need any other power source
  • Low shipping costs due to small size


  • Impossible to use on an assembly line
  • Not as precise as other engravers
  • Not able to work with as many different materials as other engravers
  • Physically demanding
  • Only suitable small parts or plates engrave

This will be most economic solution if you just need mark some small metals parts or plates.

5. CO2 Laser Engraving Machine

CO2 laser engraving machine
  • Works well various industries such as packaging, ads, arts and crafts, mould, toys, and more
  • Works with a wide variety of non-metal materials
  • Able to create complicated, complex designs

CO2 laser engraving machine – the best choice for all non-metal materials

Are you in need of an engraving machine that can handle almost any non-metal material? A CO2 laser engraver could be the best choice for you if so. These engravers are powered by electric,CO2 gas , compressed air and are specifically designed to work with non-metal material. This means they can be much more delicate and precise as they don’t require as much force to engrave their markings.

Co2 Laser Engraving Marking Machine Main Applications

CO2 laser engravers and their machines are able to work with materials like ceramic, leather, wood, garment, jade, bamboo, acrylic, rubber, paper, glass, and more.

It is widely used in follow industrials,

  • pharmaceutical packaging
  • food packaging
  • beverage packaging
  • plastics
  • textiles
  • handicrafts
  • electronic components
  • communications

Some machines advantages and disadvantages here for your references.


  • Precise positioning and high-performance speed control
  • Programmable protective features
  • LED alarm lights
  • Arrives with a special protecting shield, eliminating the need for eyeglasses
  • Highly advanced system for water cooling


  • Not able to work with metal materials
  • Some types requires a compressed air source
  • Susceptible to overheating if not monitored or programmed correctly

Depending on the size of the machine you can usually find a CO2 Laser engraver at anywhere from $600 – $7,000. If you need purchase or learn more to check if the machine is suitable you, you could contact HeatSign .

6.DIY Laser Engraving Machine

DIV Laser Engraving Machine
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable price
  • Free upgrades for many different machines

DIY laser engraving machine – very simple to assemble and operate

One type of engraving machine that you might not consider for your shop is a DIY laser engraver. If you have the basic ability to follow instructions and assemble parts, this can be a great machine for you. DIY machines are much cheaper than fully assembled ones because it cost less to produce them. They work the same way that any other laser engraver does and are able to handle all of the non-metal materials. They work just like a normal laser engraver but the difference is you have to assemble them yourself. This will require a few special tools but is very doable for the most part.

DIY Laser Engraver Main Applications
  • Wood
  • plastic
  • paper
  • bamboo
  • horns
  • leather (purse)
  • plastic phone case
  • rubber stamp
  • photosensitive seal
  • sponge paper


  • Low price
  • Works just like a normal laser engraver
  • Great for smaller shops
  • Able to run on basic software


  • Requires assembly
  • Only suitable for small size part engrave and mark
  • Can not engrave Metals

You can find most types of DIY laser engravers for under $500. Most of them work with regular windows software.

7. Portable Laser Engraving Machine

Portable laser engraving machine
  • Perfect for immobile or large items
  • Easy to transport
  • Efficient and powerful

Portable laser engraving machine – the only machine you can work on large items!

If you need to take your engraving ability on the go, this is the engraving machine for you. Out of all the types of engraving machines, this is the only one specifically designed to be moved from location to location without any problems.

Portable laser engraving machines are the ideal choice for marking huge items or items that can’t be moved around at all. They provide with a durable and compact design while being incredibly maneuverable and mobile. They are able to handle almost all of the designs and effects that other types of engraver do, most time will be used for do permanent marks on metal surface.They are also very fast and do not require a whole lot of technical know-how.

Portable Laser Engraver Main Applications
  • Big Machinery Cabinet Engraving
  • Large Metal Pipes,Tubes Marking
  • Big Metal Components like flanges, bearings
  • Lifting Equipment Parts
  • And so on


  • Easy to use
  • Best choice for immovableparts
  • Works on a big variety of materials


  • Not ideal for small size items marking and engraving


For now the portable laser engraver is also need cost $3000 – $5000 due to the inside configuration is same as desktop machine.


There are many different types of engraving machines on the market. Depending on your engraving needs, you’ll require a specific type that best fits your business. If you are working with an assembly line or a facility that needs to produce many parts per day, you need a machine that can handle those demands.

The type of material you need to mark will also have an impact on what kind of engraver you’ll need. For metal parts, you’re best off going with something like a metal laser engraver, a CNC metal engraver, a dot peen engraver, or a DIY laser engraver.

If you need to engrave materials other than metal, a CO2 laser engraver will be your best bet. If the parts you’re marking are large and immovable, a portable laser engraving machine will perfectly suit you. You should also take the company you buy your engraver from into consideration.

Companies like HeatSign offer the highest quality engraver for the best price, but they only carry metal laser engravers, CNC metal engravers, dot peen marking machines, and Co2 laser engravers for non-metal materials. If you have needs that aren’t covered by those types of machines, you’ll need to look towards eBay or Amazon for your options.

Choosing the right type of engraving machine for your business can help cut costs, improve efficiency, and put more money in your pocket at the end of the day. You can use the information in this article to make the best choice for your business.

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